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SkyDox delivers enterprise-class data security and availability utilizing the latest technology and best practice to safeguard digital content, prevent unauthorized access and guarantee availability. A range of accredited data center partner networks host the SkyDox cloud infrastructure across Europe, Asia, and North America, and organizations that require direct control and onsite management of their digital content can install the full SkyDox platform behind a corporate firewall. 

User authentication 

All transactions with SkyDox must be executed from within the context of a personal, authenticated user account. Access to view or edit content stored in or shared with the SkyDox platform is only possible once the user has been authenticated by creating a unique password and verifying their email address.

SSL encryption

SkyDox encrypts personal information and digital content before it leaves a user’s computer with 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to ensure that no one else can read it. Data stored in the SkyDox cloud also remains encrypted at rest.

Application layer security

SkyDox stores all files in a proprietary, binary-fragmented format rather than the original format. This means that files are unintelligible except to users and guests gaining authenticated access through the SkyDox platform.

Data Center Security and Availability 

SkyDox data center partners provide the latest secure, scalable infrastructure for our cloud platform. Depending on the data center chosen, SkyDox partners can provide ASHRAY certification, ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management System (ISMS), and/or SAS70 auditing covering our infrastructure. Partner data center sites are also Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) accredited, meeting US government security standard 140-2 for cryptographic modules protecting sensitive information, load balancing, and use of FIPS 140-2 validated hardware. In addition, the data centers are healthcare application compliant, with HIPPA’s Security and Privacy Rules accreditation.


SkyDox partners provide power with a minimum N+1 power infrastructure configuration. This critical infrastructure offers the flexibility to scale as required without loss of overall efficiency or disruption of availability.


SkyDox partner data center buildings are protected with multiple layers of physical security: the perimeter fence, the security gate and entrance, mantraps, access systems into our footprint, CCTV, trained security staff on site 24x7, and 24x7 controlled access. No one enters or leaves without proof of identity, and all visitors are checked against defined-access lists. All building areas are secured by an alarm system, and an external security firm patrols the area both inside and outside.

Controlled environment

For optimum performance all equipment is maintained and continuously monitored in a climate-controlled environment. Multiple CRAC units provide redundant capacity (N+1). Fire-retardant walls, early-warning laser smoke detectors (VESDA), gas fire-suppression system, direct lines to fire stations, and automatic, gas-based fire suppression systems provide protection against fire. All facilities infrastructure is monitored 24x7 (chiller, CRAC, fire panels, generator, UPS, etc.)

Network infrastructure security

The core network infrastructure segregates traffic to prevent eavesdropping. SkyDox network gateways are hardened against spoofing attacks and employ packet filtering and policy routing. Unused switching device ports are disabled. SkyDox maintains independent, source-controlled package repositories and employs upstream package staging to secure binary packages, fast-track security and bug fixes.

Data access controls

SkyDox partners employ a variety of mechanisms and security checks to control data access. All SkyDox employees undergo criminal background, credit, and social security checks, as well as employment verification. Access to the network infrastructure is limited to facility managers and network engineers. Support staff use individually generated public/private key authentication, which is more secure than traditional passwords.

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