Increase Productivity and Efficiency Using a Cloud Collaboration

Sharing information quickly and easily is essential for any organization to function efficiently. For consultants working with cross-functional teams, clients, and external contractors – delivering projects can be difficult without having the capability and tools to effectively collaborate. Trying to complete work while juggling different technologies and systems can be a challenge, leading to frustration from users and increased project completion times.

Having access to files, regardless of where users are based, and being able to collaborate with others delivers real benefits to consultants. Having one secure place that allows them to collaborate, share, and track work further reduces the barriers faced by consulting organizations. 

SkyDox allows teams to securely collaborate and share files easily with others in one platform. Consultants are always on the move and visiting client sites, so mobile access, integrations into legacy systems such as ECMs solve the problems of trying to continue working despite being in different places and using different systems. By supporting over 200 file formats for instant viewing, and more importantly large file sizes for storage and delivery outside of constrained email channels, SkyDox enables consultants to be able to support their clients regardless of the tools they use to create their files and documents.

Collaboration relies on being able to communicate effectively, and SkyDox presence indicators, private discussion groups, and tagged commenting give users the collaborative tools they need to work together effectively. Team members and guests can easily be invited to review a document or file to give their own feedback, while online meetings give users the chance to present work while remaining within the SkyDox platform.

SkyDox gives users:

  • A platform to share information quickly and securely with a click
  • Storage and delivery for large files and documents
  • The ability to exchange feedback and leave comments
  • One platform to provide all collaboration needs
  • Multiple private discussion groups for the same file
  • Integration for Enterprise Content Management systems and Microsoft Office
  • Simple guest access without requiring extra licenses or downloads
  • File or folder-level permission settings
  • Complete audit trails
  • Branding features to retain corporate identity

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