Driving Operation Efficiencies Across the Varied and Distributed Workforce

Finding a method for file sharing and collaboration that drives operational efficiencies for governments is a challenge because it involves coordinating many different people who have varying computing skills. Whether it’s at the regional or local level, government teams need to communicate internally across departments and externally when collaborating with outside contractors and suppliers.

Because government employees are working on official and sometimes sensitive files, it is paramount that any file sharing and collaboration platform can provide data security and confidentiality. Furthermore, the platform must also be cost-efficient, especially for a large number of employees, and intuitive enough that all of the government’s employees can start to use it without expensive and time consuming training.

SkyDox’s simple, intuitive user interface means that government employees will be more willing to adopt the system and training time will be minimized. Collaboration between distributed collaboration partners will also improve immediately because employees will be able to securely access their documents from anywhere since SkyDox works on any device with a browser, including tablets and smartphones. The best part is that utility-based pricing will reduce network overhead costs so budget cuts do not have to mean that government departments are losing valuable internal resources.

SkyDox is a secure file sharing and collaboration platform that provides detailed audit trails for all collaborative features, including file sharing and IM-style messaging, so any file’s evolution can be traced. There are also specialized access rights for every file or folder that gives their owners maximum control over who can access each file and how the team members, whether external or internal, can interact with it, ensuring that official files will always be protected.

In addition, SkyDox’s cloud infrastructure is hosted by a range of fully accredited data center partners across Europe, Asia, and North America. SkyDox’s data center partners are ASHRAY, ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS), and/or SAS70 Type II audited/certified. North American partners include FDA Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) and healthcare applications compliant with HIPPA’s Security and Privacy Rules.

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