Securely Share and Control Confidential Files

Handling sensitive financial data and documents securely and with care is very important, but so is being able to effectively collaborate to produce them. Input is often needed from many different sources, and access needs to be given to a document while retaining control and detailed audit histories. Important data and feedback need to remain confidential, but collating all of this via email ends up creating an inbox full of multiple versions with disjointed feedback against each. 

Receiving a timely response to financial documents is vital for the smooth running of any organization, and constantly chasing documents is inefficient and prone to error. Being able to control where documents go and track who views them gives the security that nothing will go wrong.

Transfer Confidential Files

SkyDox’s secure platform enables the sharing and distribution of documents to multiple users while the owner retains ultimate control. One document can contain private conversations from different parties, and comments are tracked against each version to provide a complete audit trail the document.

Integration into Microsoft SharePoint extends these important legacy applications by adding collaboration, storing, and tracking features required to keep data secure. 

SkyDox benefits:

  • A secure platform for document storage and collaboration.
  • Set permissions on a per-file and per-folder basis, and grant or deny access as required.
  • Track activity by person or file type.
  • Provide clients with a password-protected asset repository.
  • Integration into Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Track and manage comments and feedback in one place.
  • Receive alerts when any user makes a comment or accesses a document for the first time.
  • Respond and execute changes requested by multiple parties.
  • Search by file type, author, date, and activity.

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