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For large organizations success increasingly depends on being able to collaborate across physical, technological and organizational boundaries. Senior executives face the difficult task of trying to balance the needs of their users with the compliance and security measures necessary to protect organizational data. End users want the flexibility and ease of use that consumer-oriented social and file-sharing tools offer. Trying to share with external contractors, clients, and other stakeholders is difficult and often unsecure, slowing down project completion times. But allowing free access to these tools within the corporate environment presents an unacceptable level of risk.

SkyDox gives the enterprise ultimate control over how corporate assets in the form of digital documents and files can be shared inside and outside the firewall. The centrally controlled platform provides users with file sharing, mobility, and social collaboration tools typically associated with consumer applications. The SkyDox can be implemented according to an organization’s needs; whether this is behind their firewall, in a managed private cloud, or within the standard SkyDox public cloud environment.

Because large organizations have invested time and money into existing systems, SkyDox has been designed to integrate into legacy applications such as Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and other Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. This approach makes it possible for users to continue working in familiar, often highly specialized applications, while benefiting from the collaborative cloud-enabled features delivered through the SkyDox platform.

SkyDox helps large enterprises by providing:

  • Intuitive collaboration tools delivered through one secure cloud-enabled platform.
  • Integration with existing legacy systems such as SharePoint and Microsoft Office.
  • Low-friction access for users who work remotely.
  • Secure extension of workgroups beyond the enterprise to include customers and partners.
  • Flexible deployment options.
  • Mobile access to keep collaborators in touch while on the move.
  • Customization features to maintain the corporate brand.
  • The ability to share large files and documents securely.
  • Permission settings to keep important data safe.

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