Group Collaboration for Educators and Students

Education relies on the exchange and delivery of information. Working as within a study group facing looming deadlines can be stressful, but educators and students can all benefit from tools that facilitate learning. 

The SkyDox collaborative platform allows groups working within an educational environment to easily share assignments, gather feedback on course work and assignments, collate research and collaborate on final outputs. Group members and tutors cannot always be in the same place at the same time, so having the tools to collaborate regardless of location is vital. SkyDox works on PCs, Macs and laptops as well as smartphones, PDAs, and tablets.

Educators, individual students, or study groups can exchange comments and feedback real-time using SkyDox’s tagged commenting feature. This allows participants to highlight a specific area of a document and leave a comment, removing the ambiguity and confusion that can arise when trying to communicate through email or other channels.

SkyDox tracking features reveal who viewed a document and for how long, removing the need to spend time chasing and following up on comments and feedback. A complete history is stored for every file, allowing users to see the complete evolution of the file and showing the progress that has been made.

SkyDox provides educators and students with a collaborative environment in which the free exchange of information is made possible, allowing them to concentrate on the important job of teaching and learning.

SkyDox provides:

  • A universally accessible platform to share and exchange information.
  • Simple file sharing for any size or type of file.
  • Feedback and auditing features.
  • Tracking data on user activity.
  • A complete history of a document.
  • Precise tagged commenting.
  • Online meeting and conference calling facilities.
  • Permission settings for a file or folder.
  • Private discussion groups.
  • Alerts when someone has accessed a file or left a comment.
  • Ability to instantly view over 200 different file types.

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