SkyDox Only Enterprise Collaboration Provider to Offer Unlimited Guest User Accounts

March 22, 2012

SkyDox, a leading provider of cloud-enabled file sharing, synchronization, storage, and collaboration tools, announced today that its unlimited guest user account policy has dramatically increased product demand by enterprise users . SkyDox is the only enterprise collaboration provider on the market to offer a full featured unlimited guest user policy – a critical component to collaborative ecosystems that are extended to include a large number of partners, suppliers, contractors, and customers located outside of the corporate firewall or using their own personal computing and mobile devices.

SkyDox’s guest policy is commercially appealing to enterprise decision makers as it allows individual subscribers to invite unlimited external guest users without incurring any additional subscription costs. This policy, unlike the view-only approach taken by many competitors, makes internal and external collaboration more powerful and effective. SkyDox guests are able complete a larger range of collaboration tasks, including file sharing, commenting, uploading and downloading; as well as having access to presence indicators and activity feeds.

SkyDox’s unlimited guest user policy has been a key business driver for us,” Comments Robbie Stringer, Client Services Director – Corporate FutureBrand. “Being part of the McCann Erickson Group we have global presences, with thousands of staff and clients across the world that need to access, share and collaborate on any number of documents at any given moment. SkyDox’s unlimited guest user policy allows us to securely share content with our inter-company team and client in a collaborative and dynamic environment, while still maintaining full control of the distribution of our company intellectual property.”

“This policy has been in place since our company launched in 2009 and positions SkyDox as a technology disrupter in the file sharing and collaboration space,” said Barrie Hadfield, CTO SkyDox.

“It goes beyond the view-only guest policy that is the norm in our sector. Instead, SkyDox provides external guests with a fully-featured collaboration experience inside of a host’s managed environment – significantly reducing the total cost of ownership of our platform and increasing productivity and efficiency for our customers.”

The SkyDox platform makes it easy for users to invite guests located outside of the firewall through a password-protected environment that is fully encrypted and requires all users to be authenticated and their email addresses verified. The SkyDox platform supports over 200 file types and is accessible from any browser-enabled device, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

“SkyDox’s unlimited guest user policy has been well received by the market and has seen many companies replace their existing cloud collaboration vendors with our platform,” continued Hadfield. “Our aim has always been to provide a quality experience to our customers and enhance the collaborative process. Customers and their external guests are not penalized for collaborating –
surely that’s the whole point.”


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