Comfort Care Services Selects SkyDox’s Cloud-Enabled Collaboration Platform

22 May 2012

SkyDox, a leading provider of cloud-enabled file sharing and collaboration tools for cross-functional and distributed teams, today announced that it has been selected by Comfort Care Services (CCS), a leading provider of high-quality supported housing and rehabilitation services for vulnerable adults with enduring mental illness, learning disabilities, and other complex needs. The company has deployed SkyDox’s secure file sharing and collaboration platform to drive operational efficiencies across thirty-five sites in the South East of England.

CCS provides more than two-hundred beds across a portfolio of supported housing facilities for intensive support, high-need, medium, and low-need service users. The company works with over nineteen local authorities in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, London, and Surrey to deliver a level of care in the community services that exceeds the regulatory standards in line with government policy for supported living services.

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, CCS required a collaboration platform to help enhance operational efficiencies and drive down costs associated with delivering its care programs. SkyDox’s file sharing and collaboration platform is used by both back office and service user support teams to create, share, and collaborate on project documents, co-author internal reporting documentation, and disseminate and track the training material the CCS Training Academy provides to all staff.

SkyDox has enabled CCS to set up highly secure, encrypted online workspace so staff can upload, download, review, and make comments on documents in real time, thereby streamlining the collaborative process. SkyDox’s feature-rich application goes beyond basic collaboration features offered by existing tools, enabling users to search, store, deliver, and manage files in addition to simultaneously co-authoring and collaborating on documents through a single, easy-to-use interface. CCS team members are notified when files are uploaded or modified and when new comments and annotations are posted. In addition, live messaging, presence indicators, online meetings, and tagged commenting features deliver a document-centric collaboration experience for CCS staff and authorized third parties alike.

Abdul Sattar, Comfort Care Services Chief Executive Officer, comments, “With a focus on value for money in the current economic climate, our local authority clients expect us to deliver the best service at a compelling price. SkyDox is the ideal solution to any organization that wants to drive operational efficiencies because it helps streamline the collaborative process by ensuring all parties are updating or viewing a single version of a document. This means that all individuals are marking up and working on the most recent document at all times, eliminating the duplication of work effort, the need to deal with clashing feedback, and versioning issues.”

The platform supports over 200 file types, allowing organizations to share and collaborate on the most widely used productivity tools and file formats, including Microsoft’s PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files as well as Adobe System’s PDFs. Users can assign folder- and document-level access rights in the secure workspace. Companies can also prevent confidential files from being downloaded or passed on to another party without authorization while still allowing users to benefit from document-centric collaboration. The ability to track document access at page-level also allows the agency to determine if and when the document was accessed, by whom, and which pages were viewed the most.

Ali Moinuddin, SkyDox Chief Marketing Officer, comments “Comfort Care Services’ work represents the cream of the crop as far as delivering vital care services in the community to both local authorities and service users. Our platform allows their teams to continue to deliver an outstanding level of care to its service users by streamlining the document sharing and collaborative process. It allows them to complete projects associated with further enhancing the standard of care more quickly and more efficiently.”

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