Secure Channels for Document Collaboration

SkyDox, a secure cloud enabled collaboration platform

Efficient collaboration – both internally and with business partners and customers externally – is key to enhanced productivity, operational efficiencies and improved business results. Historically this collaboration has been accomplished through the organic and unstructured use of email and attachments. More recently Wikis and Instant Messaging have provided additional options, though few organizations have found a way centralise and manage these disparate channels. 

Enterprise Class Document and Content Management

To achieve enterprise-class collaboration, a robust cloud-enabled platform is required to bring together tools and content in a secure environment where they can be easily accessed by a diverse collection of collaborators working from multiple systems and locations. When tied together in a secure fully auditable platform, cloud-enabled technologies and social business tools to empower immediate group interaction as users develop and refine ideas and digital content – annotating and exchanging comments and approvals, co-authoring, and sharing or presenting finished documents and files.

Benefits realized by organizations using the SkyDox cloud-enabled platform include:

  • Reduced travel costs
  • Improved corporate communications
  • Improved project management
  • Faster decision making
  • Improved employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Improved partner relationships

SkyDox provides a full set of collaboration features so that teams can intuitively and rapidly exchange ideas and comments about on a document, a piece of content, or a file – thereby reducing revision cycles, improving output quality and shortening feedback loops.

SkyDox collaboration features include:

  • Integration into productivity applications such as Adobe, Microsoft Office, and ECM applications such as SharePoint that provides a cost-effective bridge into these high-value legacy systems.
  • Provision of desktop synchronization and mobile access so that team members are able to work from any location. 
  • Real-time commenting and approval.
  • Email notifications when someone views or posts a new version to a shared file.
  • Access rights to control who is allowed to perform specific functions to files and folders.
  • Version management; including download and roll back to previous versions when needed. 
  • Simultaneous co-authoring.

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