SkyDox for Secure File Transfer

SkyDox enables users to quickly, easily, and securely share files while ensuring compliance with corporate data security policies. The SkyDox platform meets key industry and government regulations for auditability and traceability, such as HIPPA, SOX and FDA.
SkyDox replaces traditional File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Managed File Transfer (MFT) services that often require the development of FTP sites or IT intervention to set up and administer in order to meet enterprise security requirements.

SkyDox file sharing features include:

  • Standard support for large-to-very large files
  • Detailed access rights settings
  • Recipients can review the content without downloading the file 
  • IM-style, file-centric commenting 
  • Version control
  • Online meetings
  • Folder, file and, page-level tracking
  • Access and update alerts
  • Full audit trails

SkyDox integrates seamlessly into popular productivity and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) applications such as Microsoft Office and SharePoint. By adding SkyDox to a legacy application, users can share files directly without launching a second application, opening a browser or attaching their file to an email and potentially subverting company data-security policies.

SkyDox supports virtually any type or size of digital file, and enables instant viewing for more than 200 document, multimedia and image-based files including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, Movie and PSD files.

SkyDox cloud collaboration and file sharing offers users many benefits including the ability to:

  • Share with multiple parties at the same time using password-protected web links.
  • Set access rights by file and person for maximum control. Allow others to download files, upload changes or only view and comment.
  • Exchange file-centric tasks, approvals, Q&A and other feedback in real-time, or whenever it's most convenient for each person. 
  • Use sophisticated tracking features to know when a file was accessed, which pages were viewed, how long they were viewed and by whom 
  • Receive Email alerts when a document is accessed for the first time or when documents are uploaded or downloaded 
  • View and collaborate on any document with any browser-enabled device 
  • Help reduce network overhead by sending links to a single version of a document 
  • Set permissions to download, view only, restrict printing, or prevent forwarding 
  • Automate application file sharing from Microsoft SharePoint, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 
  • Reduce or eliminate the need to use third-party, unapproved MFT or FTP sites

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