What is Enterprise Content Management?

Organizations – particularly those in government, legal, professional and financial services – often maintain large legacy document stores inside Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management Systems (DMS) such Microsoft SharePoint, FileNet or EMC Documentum. These businesses are continually challenged to ensure the workforce can leverage this stored knowledge to deliver competitive advantage. Typically these systems are configured to enforce structure and control over ease of use or accessibility. As a result, users have a strong incentive to use email or other tools for file sharing and collaboration that inadvertently undermine corporate data protection policies.

SkyDox provides a range of integration options for leading ECM and DMS platforms, allowing organizations to augment these highly configured legacy systems with a broad range of collaborative enhancements. SkyDox tools enable users and guests inside and outside the organisation to share and evolve managed files using file-centric tagged commenting and approvals, access alerts, presence indicators and instant messaging. Personalised activity feeds keep all collaborators informed about key information, and it’s easy to arrange web-based meetings or conference calls around a file from a highly secure, password-protected environment that does not infringe on company data security or compliance mandates.

SkyDox enterprise content management integrations deliver a range of benefits: 

  • Leverage legacy investments by integrating seamlessly into existing document libraries.
  • Augment document store with cloud-enabled collaboration functionality.
  • Improve compliance with full audit trails and activity tracking by file, user and guest when digital content is evolved or shared outside the ECM or DMS. 
  • Allow file preview and collaborative input without the need to remove a file from the ECM or DMS.
  • Reduce network and compute overhead by reducing data traversing the corporate networks – also reducing storage costs.
  • Securly extend access to digital content beyond the firewall to include authorized users who are critical to the value chain.
  • Streamline business process and workflow.
  • Eliminate FTP support overhead.

For further information on how SkyDox adoption can improve the operational efficiency of ECM and DMS applications, please contact our Sales Team.

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