The Collaboration Ecosystem

The Skydox Collaboration Ecosystem, grey arrows pointing to the centre of a security cloud.

Secure Cloud Collaboration

Efficient collaboration – both internally and with business partners and customers externally – is key to enhanced productivity, operational efficiencies and improved business results. Historically this collaboration has been accomplished through the organic and unstructured use of email and attachments. More recently Wikis and Instant Messaging have provided additional options, though few organizations such as SkyDox have found a way centralise and manage these disparate channels.


Enterprise Content Management

Organizations – particularly those in large enterprise government, legal, professional and financial services sectors – often maintain large legacy document stores inside Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Document Management Systems (DMS) such Microsoft SharePoint, FileNet or EMC Documentum. SkyDox can embed collaboration functionality that allows companies to collaborate with organisations and individuals outside of the corporate firewall.


Social Business Tools

Social business tools glue together networks of people, allowing organizations to harness the value of human connections and intellectual networks. SkyDox provides users with a rich set of social business tools tied together in a highly secure, permission-based, and password-protected environment.


File Transfer

SkyDox enables users to quickly, easily, and securely share files while ensuring compliance with corporate data security policies. The SkyDox platform meets key industry and government regulations for auditability and traceability, such as HIPPA, SOX and FDA.


Enterprise Mobility

With so many products and solutions available today for implementing enterprise mobility projects, IT departments are faced with a challenged with finding a solution that best fits end-user requirements while maintaining the security and compliance framework set by the organization. SkyDox enables users to share and collaborate on documents using any bowser enabled device in a highly secure environment


Enterprise Solutions

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