SkyDox helps 1stPageProphets Streamline the Collaborative Process

SkyDox helps 1stPageProphets Streamline the Collaborative ProcessSkyDox replaces email for document sharing and collaboration, giving 1stPageProphets greater coordination and control over interactions, in addition to eliminating the security risk posed by sharing sensitive information via email.

The Challenge

1stPageProphets works with numerous clients. They required a collaboration platform that would allow them to keep track of client activity surrounding a document or proposal in order to follow up more effectively, increasing client satisfaction.

Additionally they needed a system to replace email as a document-sharing tool because 1stPageProphets was in danger of losing their intellectual property if third parties downloaded or shared confidential documents without authorization.

The Solution

1stPageProphets now uses SkyDox to securely send prospects’ and clients’ rate cards, proposals, and creative concepts, as well as other confidential documents. SkyDox has replaced email for document sharing and collaboration, giving 1stPageProphets greater coordination and control over client and prospect interactions in addition to eliminating the security risk posed by sharing sensitive information via email.

By assigning folder and document-level access rights, users can collaborate on documents and prevent third parties from downloading or passing on confidential documents, such as rate cards and intellectual property, without the authorization.

Advanced document-tracking capabilities have given 1stPageProphets the ability to see whether or not a client or third party has viewed a document, how long they spent on it, what pages they spent most time on, and whether or not they shared the document. This level of detail allows 1stPageProphets to follow up with clients in a more efficient and personable manner, increasing their client satisfaction rates.

1stPageProphets CEO Mike Bradley comments, “SkyDox is the perfect solution to any agency wanting to effectively collaborate with clients and potential clients without spending large amounts of time and resources reviewing and approving documents. The platform allows us to collaborate on documents with company team members, customers, and prospects using any browser-enabled desktop, laptop, or mobile device in a highly-secure, fully encrypted, permission-based environment.”

What 1stPageProphets Does...

1stPageProphets is totally passionate about helping small-to-medium size business owners succeed with search engine marketing through a desire to make major increases to clients’ bottom-line results. Search engine optimization (SEO) services are a large part of what 1stPageProphets performs for clients. Mike, 1stPageProphets’ founder, is an accredited Google Adwords Advertising Professional and certified Search Engine Marketing Strategist.

Whats SkyDox Delivered...

  • Documents are shared more securely in an online, structured workspace for easy access and distribution, additionally eliminating the security risk posed by email.
  • Staff can now preview, comment on, and share proposals with other team members and clients using any browser-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Access rights can be tailored on a document level to prevent loss of control of confidential information, including proposals and rate cards.
  • Comments can be tagged to a specific word or free-form area in a document or design, making it easier to clearly indicate where changes are required.
  • Full-document and user audit trails allow page-level insight.
  • Document-level activity feeds and presence indicators improve real-time collaboration.
  • Accurate online rendering of over 200 document formats, including formats commonly used for research documents and proposals, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and PDF.
  • Extra-large-document support reduces unnecessary reliance on FTP and unauditable document-sharing applications.
  • Document-centric conference calls and online meetings can be started from a single platform for long-distance advisory services.
  • Improved client relationships and productivity gains are attained through streamlined collaboration.

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