You Can’t Reach for the Stars Without Going through a Cloud

Written by Ainsley

You have big dreams for your business, but you can’t do that without an affordable way to expand rapidly. You’re not alone – we hear it all the time. Take the Punter Southall Group for example, a financial services advisory firm that over the past 20 years has established itself as a major player in the market. Currently The Group has approximately $12.3 billion assets under management and $27.7 billion assets under advice. The Group has made an international footprint with 8 business units spanning the US & the UK.

When The Group decided to do a complete technology upgrade, they made some major investments. They spent two years undergoing a desktop hardware and software refresh. They built a new data center and virtual computing environment. They also deployed IBM’s FileNet and Microsoft’s SharePoint and CRM Dynamics. 

But after these investments, there was still a puzzle piece missing. During the refresh, The Punter Southall Group’s IT Services identified a requirement for file sharing and collaboration. But trying to find a platform to fill this space was tricky. The Group had some big expectations. The new platform needed to:

- Be easily expandable
- Be cost-efficient
- Provide enterprise-class data security
- Work with the other technology investments

After implementing the SkyDox platform, John Rogers, IT Director at the Punter Southall Group, said, “We are impressed with the way in which SkyDox has been designed to work the same way people do, supporting their ability to work together and share documents, while retaining important controls over security and confidentiality. It offers a tremendous opportunity within the Group because of its ability to support an entrepreneurial and creative approach to business.”

If you want to find out the details, you can check out our latest webinar which features the case study or you can take a look at the written copy of the case study.

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