We’ve Launched the European Court of Human Rights Portal Based on Microsoft FAST

Written by Ainsley Whalen

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There are some announcements that are so…great, exciting, and special…that, well, they’re hard to describe in words. We’ve just announced that the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has launched a new portal for its public-facing HUDOC portal. This portal is based on our search user interface.

The background is that the ECHR is mandated to make all judgments by the European Convention of Human Rights publicly available, so they upload them to HUDOC where they can share them with anyone. Our story starts when the ECHR decided that the old HUDOC portal was too slow and needed a revamp. SkyDox was selected to provide a new search user interface that it created for its file sharing and collaboration platform, and now the new HUDOC portal has finally been unveiled to the public! You can even try it out for yourself here.

This announcement is great on two levels. First of all, it’s fantastic for the company. It’s quite an honor that SkyDox was selected by an organization as important as the ECHR. The ECHR has mandates to deliver their services to 800 million inhabitants in 47 member states who are all affected by the judgment rulings. There are 90,000-plus documents hosted on the HUDOC database, and the site gets nearly five million visits each year from legal professionals, global news organizations, and the general public. In fact, after a ruling it’s typical for more than 5,000 individuals to try to access the newly-published legal documents on the site at the same time. And SkyDox met this daunting challenge it built a new, more effective search portal on time and on budget.

However, this announcement is also important on a personal level. Since I’ve started working here, every day I’ve watched the people working on this project come into work and throw themselves into the job. I’ve seen them methodically planning at the beginning, heard the occasional curse as they’ve worked through the knots, and I was sitting beside them the day of the launch when they finally saw their project bloom. It’s all been worth it because the project’s had excellent feedback so far. It’s really a job well done, so congratulations to the team!

If you want to find out more, you can check out the HUDOC portal, read the press release, and take a look at the case study.

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