SkyDox Writes New Prescription for Email Indigestion

Written by Alison Johnston


SkyDox writes new prescription for email indigestion

Email is overweight, out of shape and open to misuse, experts warned today, and businesses risk wasting valuable time, money and resources dealing with the symptoms of the problem without addressing the cause.

The warning comes from document sharing company SkyDox that has launched a new software solution to address the most significant burden on business email systems: document attachments.

Dan Von Weihe, SkyDox chief marketing officer, said: “Email has become a bit of a monster. It was never designed to handle the volume of attachments that most business people feed into it today and it's bursting under the pressure.

Business people need to share documents and most use email because it is ever-present and familiar. But email was only designed for short messages and falls short as a platform for document sharing.

It's a particularly blunt instrument when collaborating or co-authoring a document. In addition, there are all the compliance issues to consider. Much of a company's most sensitive information is sitting in an employee's inbox as a file attachment.”

SkyDox eliminates the need to use email for document sharing and, instead of sending documents as attachments in email, links them in a highly secured browser-based environment - turning each one into a secure platform for sharing.

Other applications are also misused to share documents, according to SkyDox, creating time consuming frustrations that lead to mistakes which can ultimately cost businesses highly.

Barrie Hadfield, SkyDox CTO and 20-year document technology veteran, said: “In today's challenging business climate the ability to work on documents in real time and being able to track changes as they come in, while avoiding time wasting revisions and duplication of effort, is more vital than ever.

However, tools that existed before SkyDox have been plagued by technical and practical limitations. As a result, people typically revert to email.”
According to Hadfield, new ways of thinking about document sharing in business as well as recent advances in document technology have made a solution like SkyDox possible for the first time.

SkyDox is the only application designed to help users create, communicate and publish important business documents within one platform:

Create – SkyDox enables simultaneous co-authoring from Microsoft Office applications, as well as instant access through virtually any browser for commenting and approval

Communicate – Instead of attaching documents to email users get input and deliver feedback by linking all document-related communications to the document itself in one place, making it simple to follow and easy to audit

Publish - Specific audiences can be brought to the document, rather than sending the document to them, using the latest dynamic web publishing tools. Live online meetings can be hosted instantly around documents without requiring guests to download any software

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