Simplifying Search and Storage in the Information Age

Written by Alison Johnston

John Hunter, head of IT at European Court of Human Rights has featured in the press recently talking about how SkyDox has helped ECHR manage its increasing amount of data. Read a condensed version below:

Data and document management is an issue that all enterprises have to resolve. For certain organizations that have large legacy documents stored, however, doing so becomes a near-unwieldy task all unto itself. There are various organizations that have to find solutions to host, organize and manage decades’ worth of documents. Because many organizations that manage such a large amount of information usually do so for the sole benefit of others being able to retrieve it, they devote significant man hours to digitizing it and sharing it in an optimized and consumable format. This further complicates the task at hand, for effective document storage technologies are rarely the same as effective document retrieval technologies.

Recently faced with a daunting document management challenge like this, we at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) are in the process of making it easier to search for and access the 90,000-plus documents hosted on our public-facing HUDOC database. Our website gets nearly five million visits each year. In fact, after a ruling it’s typical for more than 5,000 individuals to try to access the newly-published legal documents on our site at the same time.

After an 18-month proof of concept and review of available solutions, we ultimately decided to implement Microsoft SharePoint into our Hummingbird DMS for document repository, and FAST for search. But of course, even the best Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology means nothing without an easy-to-use interface and the FAST solution out of the box did not provide a satisfactory user interface specific to our needs. To remedy this, we turned to SkyDox, a cloud-enabled collaboration platform that integrates with Microsoft ECM and search products. We are leveraging SkyDox’s expertise in building an intuitive search interface on top of SharePoint and FAST to provide a document–sharing and dissemination channel, which will be available via our website.

After all, what’s the use of technology, if using it causes more problems than it solves?

Read the full article here: 'Simplifying Search and Storage in the Information Age'

John Hunter

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