Our Secret for Keeping Enterprises Happy: Provide Full-Featured Free Access for Guest Users

Written by Ainsley

If you’re using a cloud collaboration platform, you should be able to collaborate with customers, suppliers, colleagues, and partners where ever they are located – securely and easily. So why is it that so many services available today put heavy restrictions on how their paying customers can collaborate with other users they have shared files with? Too often these suppliers set guest user policies with a view-only functionality, making it impossible for customers to securely collaborate with anyone outside of the corporate firewall.

Our approach has always been to give guest users the ability to participate in a wide range of collaboration tasks, including file sharing, commenting, uploading, and downloading. Our customers’ guest users even have access to presence indicators and activity feeds as well as the ability to set up online meetings.

We’re proud to say that our unlimited guest user policy has been a key driver in our success, dramatically increasing demand by enterprise users. So far, we’re the only enterprise collaboration provider on the market to offer a full-featured unlimited guest user policy. It means that you can collaborate with anyone located outside of the corporate firewall or anyone using a personal computing and mobile devices in a secure environment.

We’ve found out that the secret to keeping our enterprise customers happy is making sure that their guest users are happy too.

You can read more about our policy, here.

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