Mapping the future

Written by Raoul Shah

Everyone's been hearing lots about the Occupy movements around the world, it's hard not to when they seem to be dominating much of the news headlines. So we decided to read up about it for ourselves, and in the process found something pretty interesting. It's a real-time, Twitter fuelled, social media map of the protests created by Cravify, although there are others, and it gathers its data from geo-tagged tweets. So when someone's talking about the protests, a real time heat map can be created showing what people are saying about it, where they are and how many people are in the area.

So that got us thinking…what else could this technology be used for? Could it be used by businesses as another way of getting feedback after a product launch or a regional marketing campaign? Or maybe just to keep a check on brand image and gauge the prominence of the brand. What about keeping an eye out on key words associated to their products or services? That way they could spot trends and fill the market before anyone else does. We think the interaction between social media and business has come a long way in the last few years but still has great potential.

But that's just us, what do you think?

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